Handprint Christmas Crafts: Easy and Memorable Gift Ideas

This weekend I’m hosting a ceramic painting party with my friend from Clay a Go Go. Each year at Christmas, I’ve done both handprint and footprint mugs with each of the girls. They make great Grandparents, Godparents, and teacher gifts. We’ve also made Santa cookie plates, ornaments and I always make a mug for myself.

You don’t need fancy ceramics and a friend with a kiln. I’ve done thumbprint designs on dollar store ornaments for a quick and thoughtful gift. Any of these ideas would be perfect on a canvas or card stock to frame as a keepsake.

Handprint Christmas Craft Round-Up

I put together this round-up of my favorite ideas for hand and footprint crafts you can do with your kids.


Handprint Santa mug, from 2016. This one is a bit of a classic, you see it on salt dough ornaments but with the right little hands, it’s perfect on a mug.

Handprint Christmas Craft Mug


Foot tree, this one is from 2014. Just make sure that you get their footprint upside down…the flip side of this mug has an upside-down tree. But the imperfections make them perfect.

Christmas Tree Footprint Mug


Rudolph mug, from 2015. Ah…all these little hands and feet give me all the feels. I love using these for my morning coffee during the holidays.

Rudolph Footprint Craft


How adorable are these handprint deer?

Deer plate handprints

Photo credit Clay A Go Go


This is a great way to capture their handprint when they are too big to fit on the mug.

Snowman mug with fingers
Photo credit Clay A Go Go


An adorable way to use hands AND feet.

Christmas Craft Rudolph Plate
Photo credit Clay A Go Go


Create a wreath with handprints from the whole family or all the grandkids.

Family wreath plate
Photo credit Clay A Go Go


Any teacher would love to get this thoughtful plate.

Classroom plate
Photo credit Clay A Go Go


I love doing thumb or fingerprint crafts with littles who might not have the attention span for a bigger craft. This robin would be perfect for handmade cards or a canvas.

Handprint Christmas Craft Robin thumb print
Photo Credit 


This thumbprint is perfect for an ornament.

Thumbprint deer ornament
Photo Credit Unknown

Unique Christmas Handprint Crafts

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