Alice Faggi – Your Fractional CMO

My mission: to lead high-performing teams to scale marketing initiatives to drive revenue growth.

Driving Collaboration, Operational Excellence, and
High-Performance Marketing Teams

When marketing and sales are in lockstep, big things will happen.

I work with teams of all sizes to craft strategies that optimize the buyer’s journey, enhance engagement, and achieve sales and marketing KPIs—putting in place the roadmap and processes to empower teams to build on our success.

Sales Enablement

Build a bridge between your marketing and sales organizations to empower your teams to create marketing assets that help achieve sales goals.

Content Strategy

Define the content that will build trust with your ICP, drive traffic, and generate leads for your sales team that are ready to convert.

Team Leadership

Processes, structure, and oversight for your team to implement the marketing initiatives and achieve the business goals of your organization.

Brand Strategy

Bring it all together and create your brand flywheel. Align on the strategies, channels, and initiatives needed to hit your growth goals.

Years experience
Problem Solutions

Transform Your Marketing Strategies

“She possesses the unique combination of skills, drive, and passion that is required to lead an organization to success.”
Jimmy Mackin
CEO, Curaytor
Business Coaching

Work With Me


Initial Consultation

Let’s see if there is a fit with a quick 30-minute call to discuss your business needs and my experience.


Marketing Audit

After our call, I’ll provide a marketing audit of your areas of need, proposed initiatives, and scope of work.


Kicking Off

Meet the team and dive deeper into the first steps of our scope of work.

Our Passion Project Portfolio

Family, Fun, Food, & Function

Our first passion project was born after I was laid off, shortly after my second daughter was born. I needed a creative outlet and thought of my Dad’s secrets to a happy life: Faith, Family, Food, and Fun – so I started documenting my life with my little “Nuggets.”

We make volunteering easy.

I have loved being able to be involved at my daughter’s school. This site helps me share my passion for helping parent volunteers and teachers create classroom events that are memorable, inclusive, and fun.