Cannoli Tart: Traditional Flavors, New Format

Cannoli Tart

This cannoli tart recipe came about after we went to a wedding in NYC last month. The filling on the wedding cake had a cannoli cream filling that was to die for. So when the group texts started about our next family dinner night with our friends and a pasta theme was suggested – I … Read more

Meat and Cheese Tray From Trader Joe’s

A meat and cheese tray is my go-to for any size gathering. They are so versatile and can be scaled up or down for any size budget or amount of people. I did one at our Christmas party last year and do them often, even if we just have another family over for a BBQ.  … Read more

Kale Salad Recipe: Easy and Versatile Side Dish

Best kale salad EVER

I have been making this kale salad recipe for probably 10 years. It’s been my side salad go-to and is often requested by my friends. It’s simple and completely versatile so you can customize based on what’s in season or your guest’s preferences. Traditionally, we make this salad with dry roasted pine nuts and goat … Read more

Kids Beach Bathroom Project

I’ve realized I’ve had pictures of our kid’s beach bathroom project on my phone for over a year and I’ve never had the time to post about what we did. It was our Pandemic Memorial Day Weekend project and we did this on a pretty tight budget. Everything we updated came from Amazon to make … Read more