Meat and Cheese Tray From Trader Joe’s

If you’re hosting a party and looking for delicious and convenient options, Trader Joe’s has got you covered with their impressive selection of meat and cheese platters. Whether you’re in the mood for a meat tray, a cheese and meat platter, or a combination of both, Trader Joe’s catering trays offer a variety of options … Read more

Kale Salad Recipe: Easy and Versatile Side Dish

Best kale salad EVER

I have been making this kale salad recipe for probably 10 years. It’s been my side salad go-to and is often requested by my friends. It’s simple and completely versatile so you can customize based on what’s in season or your guest’s preferences. Traditionally, we make this salad with dry roasted pine nuts and goat … Read more

Slow Cooker Beef Stew: Family Favorite

Beef Stew

This slow cooker beef stew is incredibly easy to set and forget. It’s another recipe that I grew up with, just like our chicken soup and chili recipes. It’s got 5 ingredients, so simple. Do you know why food bloggers always add a story to their recipes? It’s because Google requires a certain word count … Read more

Pistachio Delight an Easy No-Bake Dessert

Easy, layered, no bake pistachio dessert that is both sweet and salty with a whipped topping. Perfect for Easter Bruch, Mother's Day Brunch, St Patrick's day or just a summer BBQ. Can be made nut-free! #dessert #pistachio #nobake #allergyfriendly #recipe

Pistachio Delight dessert was a childhood favorite in our house and it’s the one no-bake dessert that my friends will request that I bring to parties. Our family’s version is made with a pistachio pudding, unlike other Pistachio Delight recipes which are also known as a Watergate salad. It’s a┬ápistachio dessert with a Ritz cracker … Read more

Overnight Oats – Easy Breakfast Everyone Will Love.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

I was never on the overnight oats bandwagon until I made these apple pie overnight oats. Then I realized how much easier they made my morning. This post was originally made a few years ago and I should really reshoot these pictures but the girls were so little and I’m feeling nostalgic about it with … Read more

How to make the best chocolate chip cookies

I have a bit of an obsession with chocolate chip cookies and through arduous trial and error, I’ve discovered the secrets to making the best chocolate chip cookies. But spoiler alert, it has absolutely NOTHING to do what what recipe you use. Chocolate chip cookies are my go-to easy to bring dessert for get togethers. … Read more