5 Signs That Your Probiotics Are Working

There is a lot of talk about how probiotics and gut health are important factors in supporting our immunity. Lots of people will blindly take probiotics but often don’t know how to tell that they are working. Unlike taking an ibuprofen for a headache and knowing it’s working because that headache stops, there really aren’t … Read more

Mammograms Aren’t Scary.

I had my first mammogram. It didn’t hurt. It was fast. It was negative. It was necessary. I’ve known that I was due for a mammogram. I was actually overdue but since I had my second child at 40 and was breastfeeding for a year, I never scheduled it. Fast forward another year and I … Read more

Kindergarten Summer Activities Guide

Kindergarten summer activities that make learning fun for kids and parents. Ideas and products that help teach children and prep them for back to school.

These kindergarten summer activities are a good way to connect and have fun while they – hopefully – learn something. Why Kindergarten Summer Activities? Now that camps are over, vacations are done and school is right around the corner, I am slowly starting to get Big Nugget into specific academic kindergarten summer activities. Nothing outrageous … Read more