Growing up, my Dad always said the secret to life was the 5 F’s – Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Fun. I’ve tried to keep that motto – and his spirit – alive in my life and this blog is a reflection of that.

I’ve recently left my marketing career to stay home with my two girls full time. Juggling a career and motherhood was challenging and rewarding but I was given the opportunity to stay home and I jumped at the chance. But I didn’t want to completely leave my professional life behind so this blog is a way for me to “stay on my game” – sharing our life and our home in these crazy early parenthood years.

Nuggetlands is focused on sharing our family, fun, food and home through a filter of authenticity. As a brand partner, I bring nearly 20 years experience as a marketing executive with a deep understanding of the needs of a brand, an authentic voice and measurable results.

I’m very proud of this community that I’m building, my readers are some of the funniest and kindest women and men on the internet who are very engaged with the content that they see here. Check out some of my favorite, and most engaged, content so far:

Family – Our Positive Parenting Reward Jar and our Kindness Bags.

Fun – My daughter’s pine cone Halloween costume.

Food – Hard to decide between the meat and cheese board or my family’s favorite, pistachio delight.

Function @ Home – Our laundry room transformation.

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