Summer Essentials for Beach Living

Living in coastal San Diego, we spend a fair share of time down at the beach. Through the years, I’ve learned what summer essentials are necessary for our beach life. Of course, you need a good bag, lots of towels and snacks….lots and lots of snacks. But this is my list of summer essentials beyond the beach bag.

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Summer Essentials – Flip flops

My two favorite brands of sandals are Rainbow and Reef. Each brand makes great options for both parents and kids.

Summer Essentials – Sunscreen

I put sunscreen on my kids every day so I’m VERY picky about what brands I use. We also are very conscious of how it can affect our environment. The EWG.org sunscreen guide is a great place to educate yourself on ingredients and find products that you’re comfortable with. We always use Badger but I’ll also use Alba if we are going to the beach and I need to get the kids lotioned up quickly.

Also…rash guards and hats. Sunscreen shouldn’t be your only protection from the sun.

OK…getting off my soap box now….let’s continue.

Summer Essentials – Beach Supplies

Having chairs that you can wear on your back is a lifesaver. We’ve used these for nearly 10 years. Not fancy but functional and great quality. It frees up your hands and can hold a surprising amount of stuff. I always bring extra shade too. I’m old school and prefer an easy umbrella like this one. As far as toys, Big Nugget is responsible for bringing her own to the beach, this backpack makes it super easy for her.

Summer Essentials – Cooler and Cups

Keeping snacks cool on a hot day is almost as important as shade. One day I will justify buying this cooler but for now, this one works perfectly. I also bring water bottles for everyone – read my review of our favorite plastic-free kids water bottles. I also bring an extra water bottle for rinsing off hands or fruit.

Summer Essentials – Tula

If you have an infant or toddler, a Tula is essential (and not just for the beach). I always put Little Nugget in the Tula and then put my chair on my back. It’s also key for getting a good beach nap in for your little if you don’t want to head home for nap time.

Summer Essentials Tula

Summer Essentials – Baby Powder

Baby powder is the best and easiest way to get sand off your child. I keep small ones in each chair and a large one in the back of my car.

Summer Essentials – Vacuum

I don’t actually take this to the beach but it’s essential for keeping my car somewhat respectable.

What are some of your Summer Essentials?

Summer Essentials

OneBadger Sunscreen

TwoReef Kids flip flops

ThreeRainbow flip flops. I prefer the thin strap, my husband prefers the bigger strap.

Four – Kids beach toys with a mesh backpack

Five – Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder

Six – Rio Brands Backpack Beach Chair 

Seven – SNAIL 7 foot Beach Umbrella

Eight – My favorite handheld vacuum.

Nine – YETI soft-sided cooler

Summer Essentials for beach living

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