Where The Wild Things Are Birthday

It’s hard to believe that we just celebrated Little Nugget’s first birthday. She doesn’t actually turn one until this Saturday but we did the party a week early since we had family in town.

I said wasn’t going to go crazy, and I actually think I kept myself in check this time around. The guest list was small and I kept the menu simple since it was a mid morning gathering. I started to look for ideas on Pinterest and Etsy – at first just for some pink and gold party supplies. Then I found a “Wild One” birthday banner that was adorable and then I saw some ideas for a Where The Wild Things Are theme. Sold, that book is one of our favorites, especially big sister.

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Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Elements

For Big Nugget’s first birthday, I did a time capsule for her with notes from everyone at her party. I wanted to do the same thing for Little Nugget and found an adorable Where The Wild Things Are piggy bank to hold all the notes from our loved ones.

time capsule 2 wild one birthday

I added photos of the Little one to the mantel and reused some gold letters that I had from Big’s birthday. I figured I had saved them for this long, I was going to find a way to incorporate them.

This blurry picture is typical of that morning for Little – early wake up, short morning nap and super clingy. At least her outfit was festive. I found the onsie and leggings from two different Etsy shops – linked below. Not the girly-est outfit but adorable nonetheless.

outfit wild one birthday

Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Menu

The birthday party started at 10am so I did a brunch menu. Fruit, PB&J sandwiches cut like crowns, baked ham and swiss rolls, donut holes, fruit and the best cinnamon rolls – the same ones I did for our Holiday Craft Brunch.

food spread wild one birthday

Food close wild one birthday

These jello cups were super easy to make and so adorable. I saw a similar picture on Pinterest and tried to recreate it.

Jello Boats Wild One birthday

First time eating jello, I think she liked it.

jello treat wild one birthday

When I think of my own childhood birthday cakes, I think of yellow cake and chocolate frosting. This cake tasted as good as it looked. The smash cake was a little healthier and was a spiced banana cake with a cream cheese frosting.

chocolate cake wild one birthday

smash cake wild one birthday

Safe to say that the birthday girl was a fan of her cake. She is such a ham. There were so many cute pictures of her and this cake that it was hard to choose just two to share. Big Nugget was not interested in her cake at all at her first birthday so it was fun to see the Little one so into it.

Last year I used Two Sugar Bees for party favors and loved giving away something cute and edible. They really did a great job with the theme and the cookies taste amazing.

cookies wild one birthday

After the cake smash, birthday girl got changed into her Carole the monster onsie. It didn’t last long since she got soaked playing in the water tables.

carol shirt wild one birthday

We had such a great time celebrating our Little Nugget with family and friends. We are all still coming down from the sugar high.

family wild one birthday

Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Party Resources

Recreating this Where The Wild Things Are birthday party would be super easy. Some of the items for the party I made myself, like the moss food tags and boat sails in the jello, but a lot of it I got through Etsy. I love shopping there because not only am I supporting small businesses but I also get 1% back on my purchases through Ebates. If you do any sort of online shopping and aren’t using Ebates, you’re missing out. I got close to $500 cash back last year from my online purchases. Sign up through this link and you will get $10 to your account. Get the browser plug in and it will let you know if there are any deals available when you go to your favorite websites OR you can browse their site to find the best deals.

Ok, Ebates rant over. Here are the spots where I found some of the party supplies, if there is something that isn’t listed, shoot me an email.

Onsies:  mi cielo

Leggings: Tiny Feathered Arrow

Garlands: Jordyn & Grace and Paper Confetti

Piggy Bank: MMIM

Where The Wild Things Are birthday printables: BGC Designs

Cake Topper: Brides 2 Babies

I did order a couple things from Amazon, the Crowns and Vines. They vines do have a strange smell to them so make sure you have time to air them out.

Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Cake


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  1. Wow, the entire party turned out beautifully. The outfit, cakes, decorations and even the thank yous were flawless. I find that the older they get the less I do. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Right! I love it mostly because her big sister has done that same move with her ice cream since she was old enough to eat it. LOL

  2. How awesome was this Birthday Party. Be it from tempting Cinnamon rolls to those Jelly cups and the smash cake, it seemed all was perfect for the lil one. Wishing her a very happy Birthday!

  3. This is such a cute birthday party idea, and one I never would have though of! Everything looks so great. My youngest is turning one in a month, so I definitely may be using some of these ideas! Thank you.

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