Checking In – The Challenge Begins

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I said that I was going to be checking in once a week with how I’m tracking on my goals for the year and I missed last week. Good thing one of my goals wasn’t to remain consistent. HA! I did have family in town for the last week and our routine and schedules were somewhat thrown into the wind. PLUS we celebrated Little Nugget’s first birthday Saturday so I was all consumed with that – stay turned for more pictures and a full party recap. But it’s a new week and I’m back on track, at least with my check in’s.

Cake Smash


Even with my family in town, I still managed to get to the gym a couple times. What I’m most excited about though is that my gym’s 6 week transformation challenge started yesterday. I did it last fall and while I worked my butt off and was really happy with my results, I had to adjust my nutrition to keep my milk supply going. This time around, I’m not as worried about it so I’m excited to see the results. The kick off includes a fitness test, getting weighed and measured at the gym and setting 3 goals for ourselves during the six weeks. At the end of the challenge, we will do the whole thing over again and see how we measure up. It’s a great challenge and my Fit Mill family is so very supportive of everyone at every fitness level.

I also got my body fat tested by getting tanked with The Body Fat Test. I did it last time and it’s the most accurate way to measure your body fat and lean muscle mass. Jolen, the owner, breaks down your activity levels and caloric needs taking into account your activity level and weight loss goals. I was pleasantly surprised that despite the holidays, I’ve actually gotten leaner since my last test at the end of October, not a lot but I thought for sure that I had gained since I didn’t really track calories.


I signed up to attend The Influential Summit in Carlsbad February 8th and 9th. I’m super excited to learn and grow my network. It was also the kick in the pants that I needed to design and print my business cards. I feel so official now.


So far so good on the journal. I’m really enjoying that it’s only one line a day. Here is a link to the one that I’m using and it’s currently on sale.


Removing myself from my phone has been a lot harder than I thought. I did make a conscious effort to not be on a lot when my family was in town and it was a nice break that I need to continue.


Lots of dinners out with family and making two birthday cakes really put a dent in my diet. BUT – it’s a new week and the remaining cake has been thrown out and meals have been planned.


Monday – Chicken Avocado Soup

Tuesday – Turkey Meatloaf and cauliflower mashed “potatoes”

Wednesday – Chicken Enchiladas and Cauliflower rice

Thursday – Turkey burgers, roasted broccoli (Mac and cheese for the kids)

Friday – Pizza night


I made some headway on the closet that is my goal to get organized this month but it came out of a moment of desperation to find a missing tap shoe 20 minutes before we needed to be in the car on the way to dance. A frantic purge began and I ended up emptying out the closet and cleaning while we searched….and by we I mean me while my oldest “helped” by moving the same couch cushion and saying she couldn’t find it. I was about it give up when I saw my Hunter boots by the front door and thought to look in it. Sure enough, there it was. The work of an eleven month old. Why did I think to look there you’re wondering? Because the day before, I stepped into said boot and found a teether with a half melted ice cube in it.

What wins did you have last week???



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