WEAR Gift Guide Preschooler

Santa only brings our girls 4 gifts, something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. If you missed my post about Santa gifts, you can read it here. I’m sharing my what to wear gift guide here and I’ve broken it down into a few different categories.

The wear category is always a fun one for me but it’s also an easy one to get carried away with.

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Wear Gift Guide – Fancy

Every girl loves a fancy dress and I love all of the dresses from Boden. They have the perfect amount of spin and they last forever. When I bought this particular dress last year, it nearly took my breath away when I opened the package. The quality of the materials and design is something you don’t see too often in kids clothes. It has the perfect twirl.


Mini Boden Velvet Dress

Every fun party dress needs some sparkly shoes. These are from Cat and Jack at Target and run a little big.


Cat and Jack Sparkly Shoes

We also LOVE Native shoes. They last forever and are the perfect shoe for our indoor/outdoor year round lifestyle.

Wear Gift Guide – Everyday Dresses

This dinosaur dress has been in heavy rotation in our house. Once again, it’s from Boden and the material is sturdy. You can feel the quality and my 3 year old LOVES all the dinosaurs.


Mini Boden Dinosaur Dress 

Old Navy also has some great dresses and great price points. These clothes are cute enough for everyday and make the little ones feel fancy yet I won’t mind if they paint or mud on it at preschool.


Old Navy Tutu Dress

Wear Gift Guide – Holiday Pajamas

We get visited by the Kindness Elves during the Christmas season and they are the ones who bring the girls their new Christmas PJ’s. Last year they got cute matching ones…this year we might step it up a bit and get matching for the whole family.


Christmas Jammies

Wear Gift Guide – Dress Up

Something to wear doesn’t necessarily have to be practical. My girls LOVE to play dress up and technically, that count’s as something to wear. We love bracelets and these dress up costumes. 


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