WEAR Gift Guide Preschooler

The WEAR Category is always an easy one. Big Nugget is just now going into a size up so it’s a great time to refresh her dress selection plus some fun Christmas Jammies.

Wear gift guide preschool

This is her dress for our family pictures and also for Christmas mass. She loves all things purple so I thought it was perfect. It nearly took my breath away when I opened the package. The quality of the materials and design is something you don’t see too often in kids clothes. It has the perfect twirl for her too, she’s so excited to wear it.


Mini Boden Velvet Dress

Every fun party dress needs some sparkly shoes. These are from Cat and Jack at Target and run a little big.


Cat and Jack Sparkly Shoes

This dinosaur dress has been in heavy rotation in our house. Once again, it’s from Boden and the material is sturdy. You can feel the quality and my 3 year old LOVES all the dinosaurs.


Mini Boden Dinosaur Dress 

This will be her surprise clothing gift. Pink tutu? Say no more. And at that price, I won’t mind if she wants to wear it to school or to the playground.


Old Navy Tutu Dress

Our Kindness Elves will bring the girls matching PJ’s this year earlier in the Christmas season so that they can wear them Christmas Eve night. I was that Mom who said that I would never dress my girls matching and now I seem to not be able to resist doing it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!


Christmas Jammies

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The links above are affiliate links but they are really the gifts I have purchased or will be purchasing this year.

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