How to read more books

How I’m going to read more books this year

It’s a new year and a new decade and with that, I’m thinking of what I want to work on in the next 12 months. I don’t like resolutions but I like working towards goals. This new year, I want to read more books. Easy enough right? Well, as a working mom with a preschooler and a kindergartener – it’s not and why it’s a great goal to set for myself. Last year I read 6 books, which is not too shabby but not near the avid reader status I’d like to have.

How I’m going to read more books this year:

  • Set a reasonable goal
  • Join the Book of the Month club
  • Lead up my Audible library
  • Hold myself accountable on Goodreads
  • Make the time

Setting a reasonable goal

First things first, I need to be reasonable with how much time I have to read. I work full time, have two young kids and have a side job. SO, when I really think about it there doesn’t seem like any time left. How am I going to read more books this year when I don’t feel like I have any time for anything besides what absolutely needs to get done?

When I peak at my handy screen time tracker on my iPhone, I see that I have PLENTY of time to scroll through social media. If I do that for just HALF the amount of time I did last year, I can probably fit in a few more books.

I just need to MAKE the time. Bring my book with me when I’m waiting at pick up or have time during my lunch hour. Listen to books when I’m out for a walk or driving to pick up the kids or waiting at dance class. There is time, I just need to take advantage of it.

Last year I read 9 books. Not a lot but it was a good attempt. I think this year a good goal would be to double that so I’m going to try to read 20 books this year.

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Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month club is a great way to read more books. Each month, they choose five new nonfiction books for you to choose from – make a choice and have it at your doorstep in days. Or skip if nothing looks great. Plus it’s only $14.99 a month if you choose to pick a book.

How to read more books - join the Book of the Month.

I used it last year and LOVED being exposed to new books that I would probably never pick. I get a little overwhelmed in books stores or online so it’s nice to have a few different picks showcased and also helps me break out of my historical fiction niche that I usually default to.

For January, I picked Topics of Conversation, a debut novel by Miranda Popkey.

Use the code NEWPAGE in January to get your first book for only $9.99.

Read More Books with Audible

Listening to books is definitely a personal choice but a great way to read more books. Since I have Amazon Prime, I prefer to get my books from Audible. I love listening to a book because I can do it when pulling out a real book to read isn’t an option. I can listen as I run or walk, I can listen during my commute or even sometimes while I’m working.

There are a few more variables that go into making it a good experience. Not only are you looking for a good plot and writer but you are also looking for good production quality. If the person reading the book isn’t good, it will really disrupt your audiobook experience.

Audible is always running different promotions and this month there is a free month of listening with their romance package. That isn’t a genre that I’m into so I don’t have a lot of recommendations there but a free month is a free month right?

Some of my favorite Audible books from last year are The Whisper Network, City of Girls, and Where the Crawdads Sing. I’m currently listening to Beantown Girls, I just started so I don’t have a recommendations either way yet.

Tracking my Goal with GoodReads

I use Goodreads to track what I’m reading and what I’m hoping to read. It’s a great place to read reviews of books and plan out what you’d like to read next. Whenever I see a friend posting a book recommendation, I’ll mark it in Goodreads so that I will remember it when I’m looking to get a new book. You can follow your friends on there and see what they are reading as well. It’s a great resource to help you read more books because let’s face it, bookstores can be amazing but overwhelming. I like to follow Book of the Month as well because it will give previews and reviews of their upcoming selections.

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