Fun, festive, and kid friendly Peeps Centerpiece is so easy to pull together for your Easter table using vases and Peeps. Perfect for real flowers or whimsical arrangements. #Easter #centerpieces #DIY #craft #kidfriendly

How to make a Peeps Centerpiece

Peeps can be one of the more controversial aspects of Easter. People either love them or hate them. Personally, I’m on the fence. I don’t mind them but they aren’t my favorite. Then again, I’m not a huge candy fan to begin with (unless you are a bite size Snickers, then it’s game on).

One way to incorporate Peeps into your Easter without eating them is to make this adorable Peeps centerpiece. It’s a great project to do with your kids and literally takes 10 minutes to pull together.

Peeps Centerpiece Supply List

Here’s what you need:

4 packages of Peeps. You can do all the colors or just one.

1 large vase.

1 small, tall, bud vase.

Flowers. I used some fake flowers this time but I have done this with live tulips.


Peeps Centerpiece PeepsPeeps Centerpiece vases

Layer your Peeps so that they circle the bottom of the vase, leaving room for your smaller vase to fit inside.

Peeps Centerpiece first layer

Continue to build up your layers, alternating colors if you want, until you get to the top of the vase.

Peeps Centerpiece halfway

Finish off with flowers. I used a fake bloom that I had but you could fill the inner vase with water and use live flowers. Careful when filling the inner vase with water because the Peeps will melt if they get wet.

Finished Peeps Centerpiece

Peeps Centerpiece Finished 1

This Peeps Centerpiece is so easy to pull together, we did another one for our kids Easter table. I found these flowers at Target in the Dollar Spot.


DIY Peeps Centerpiece

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