Throwback picture

Get in the Picture

I have read Hi Sugarplum’s blog for years but she recently wrote about how she did two entire travel posts shooting pictures only on her iPhone and linked to some tutorials from Apple. I’ve mostly been shooting on my iPhone for my posts so I watched, wanting to see if there were ways I could improve my photography.

Self Timer

There was a short video about using the self timer to take a selfie. Super simple. So later that day when I wanted to do a picture to match another selfie, I used it. In the process of trying to get the right shot, I ended up taking a couple pictures of the baby and I that I loved. And it got me thinking.


Picture of Mom

Some of my most cherished pictures are of my Mom and I. Seeing her in a photo from “way back” instantly takes me back to my childhood. I love seeing her as a mom who is in the trenches just like I am now and can see in her eyes exactly what I see in my own. Love. Devotion. Exhaustion. Joy.

Throwback picture
Twinning. 1979

The Challenge

I know there has been a movement of sorts to get us Mom’s in the picture, this is a great article about it, but I wanted to take it step further. There are a million filters out there so not being camera ready is no excuse. Filter it however you want – Instagram has some really fun filters right now. We’ve all seen or been tagged in the 7 day challenges to share a nature picture or a black and white picture about our life.

I want to challenge you to get in the photo 7 times and share it.

But get in the shot and share it.

Make it a habit. Be seen.

Use the hashtag #getinthepicMom and let’s encourage each other. Let’s tag other mom’s who need the reminder because we all deserve to be seen.

I want my kids to be able to look back and see me, to know that I loved every second. That was I present, even if I lived in workout clothes and pony tails. That life was chaotic and messy but warm and wonderful and to not just take my word for it, to have the pictures to prove it.

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