Easy Chicken Soup

We have all been fighting colds and coughs in this house for the last week. Even though it was 84 degrees IN our house yesterday, I still had the urge to make my mom’s chicken soup to help kick these colds to the curb. There is always a big pot of this soup on the stove at any of our family gatherings. Traditionally, we served this with egg noodles but now I’ll mix it up with some veggie or chia noodles to sneak in an extra kick of nutrition to my kids.

Just like my family’s chili, this recipe has been passed down and it’s so simple. Four ingredients. The simplicity of the soup makes the flavor so good.

Homemade soup
Just add water.

It’s also a great base chicken soup recipe. Sometimes I’ll add different veggies and spices to change up the flavor for some variety but this flavor is so nostalgic to me that I usually don’t mess with it.

pot of chicken soup

My secret weapon for making this chicken soup next level is Zehnders chicken seasoning. Zehnders is a great, legendary, restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan that I grew up going to. This seasoning is so good on any chicken dish but a little goes a long way.

Zehnders chicken seasoning

Ok, maybe I’ll add some hot peppers to it to help knock out my cold and spice it up a bit but it’s delish either way. I hope you enjoy this chicken soup as much as I have throughout the years.


Simple Chicken Soup


  • 1 whole chicken rinsed and innards removed
  • 6 carrots chopped
  • 1 celery bunch stalks chopped, save leafy center
  • salted water


  1. Rinse chicken and remove/discard bag of inner organs

  2. Place chicken in large soup pot and cover with cold water. Add in the salt and the leafy center of the celery bunch. Bring to a boil over high heat and skim off any froth. Lower to medium heat and let boil for 4 hours.

  3. Remove the chicken and celery from the broth. Debone the chicken and skim the broth to remove any small bits.

  4. Add in celery and carrots. Season broth as needed and add in the chicken. Let simmer for another 2 hours minimum. 

  5. Serve with noodle of your choice. We usually do wide egg noodles but anything will work, even rice! 



5 thoughts on “Easy Chicken Soup”

  1. I have never made chicken soup. I always thought that it was a lot of work. I never knew that it was this simple. Thanks for the recipe. I, also, need to get some of that Zehnders seasoning.

    • It’s SO simple but seems intimidating. It’s not. You are so close to Frankenmuth but save yourself a trip and order it online. Then again, the chicken dinner at Zehnders is worth the drive. 😉

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