Best Gifts For Men

Are you looking for the best gifts for men? The ones who seem to have everything and don’t ever need anything? Husband, boyfriend, brother, or Grandfather…they can be super tricky to shop for. Or if you are married to someone like my husband, will throw out ideas all year long but when it comes time for shopping…your mind is blank. I pulled together some of my favorite gift ideas for men, hopefully, it will inspire you to cross that person off your list.

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Best Gifts for Men

One of the easiest ways I brainstorm ideas for gifts is by looking at products that I love and use and if they could apply to anyone in my life. This Yeti cup (or its knock-off sister from Target) is one of my favorite products. It’s huge, keeps my water cold, and fits in the cup holders in our cars.

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? I love this Milk Frother – it takes your cup of coffee from ok to amazing. It’s the kitchen gadget you didn’t know you needed in your life. I mean….that your man needs in HIS life…

My husband has a SUPER long commute and spends a lot of time in his truck. Although he could listen to sports talk radio 24/7, switching it up with an audiobook now and then is a welcome change. Audible make it easy to listen to best sellers or classics – they have a ton of titles to choose from and it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

One of the best gifts for men has got to be the Bug-a-salt. It’s a plastic gun that shoots salt at flies. We have one and my husband gets giddy when there is a fly in the house. Personally, I’m VERY anti-gun but even I think this is funny – and effective. If you live in CA, NY or CT – you will have to buy direct from the manufacturer.

What man doesn’t love to grill? Having a nice meat thermometer is a game-changer.

I’m pretty fortunate that my husband collects watches so it always makes a nice default gift idea that I know he will appreciate. Last year we happened to be at Disneyland with family for his birthday so I got him a Mickey Mouse watch. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Unique – This wood watch from Swanky Badger is super unique and memorable.

Practical: We spend a lot of time at the beach so this Nixon Tide Watch is very practical.

High End: Got some money burning a hole in your pocket? This Jack Spade is great for a special occasion, I actually gave this one to my hubby on our wedding day.

Some of our best gift ideas for men aren’t necessarily items they can open (unless you get creative) but experiences. Golf packages or theater tickets, a movie pass like Stubs A-List or an amusement park or zoo membership are great ideas to spend time together all year long. Last year I surprised my husband with Legoland passes and it’s been SO FUN to go there just for dinner on the weekends and ride a few rides. While we are fortunate to live close to an amusement park like Legoland, maybe there is someplace near you that you could get him a membership to that would be fun for the whole family – botanical gardens, zoo, state park, museum – all make for time together well spent.

Best gifts for men

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