4DX Movies are a Must See for the Whole Family

We were invited to see The Incredibles 2 in a 4DX movie theater and let me tell you, it takes your movie experience to a whole new level. It was also Little Nugget’s first movie in a theater. I was a little nervous about how she’d react since she currently can’t sit through a full episode of Sesame Street but once again, she surprised me.

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What is 4DX?

4DX movies are shown in a theater equipped with moving seats and environmental effects like wind, rain and scent. The movement and effects are perfectly coordinated with the action of the movie, fully immersing you into the experience. The screen is the same, the only difference you notice are the seats are grouped in clusters of 4 and giant fans hang from the edge of the ceiling.

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Our 4DX Experience

4DX attempts to bring you into the film, not only with seats that move, vibrate and punch you. Yes, punch you but it’s a gentle punch. You also get fog and mist, wind, lights and smells. It’s truly an experience that gives you the thrill of a good ride a Disneyland with the movie magic you are used to. It made a fun movie like The Incredibles 2 even more fun, for both myself and my kids. At first, Big Nugget was a little scared of all the enhancements but by the middle of the movie, she had taken her fingers out of her ears and was giggling like crazy when the chairs started to move and even enjoyed the fans she was so scared of at first. My dare devil of a Little Nugget sat on the arm rest most of the movie pressing her water button on and off and reveling in every bounce and twist that the seat made.

I’m a bit of a movie nerd. Film was one of my minors in college and I love the magic of seeing a movie on the big screen. I was a little concerned that this would take away from the move but adding in the 4DX elements made it so fun. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. Is it right for every film? No. But there are plenty of movies that this experience would be perfect for and worth the extra money. And really, as a parent, you can take all of my money if it means hearing my girls giggle and enjoy themselves in a movie like they did seeing The Incredibles 2 in 4DX.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b55IB9zX__0&w=560&h=315]

The Incredibles 2 Review

I’m a little late to the game in reviewing this movie but I was so pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The action was fun. The storyline was creative. The were lots of laughs and nothing too scary for my very sensitive 4 year old -she only closed her eyes once. I loved the switch of the typical gender roles in the main characters and I especially loved how they both succeeded in them. It drives me crazy when the man is put into the role of primary caretaker and is stripped of any ability to function or feel. I know I hit the husband jackpot and have partner that is not only more than capable but a willing participant in the everyday lives of our kids but all too often, I see this played out in movies or tv shows where the man is unable to be a father. I also felt for ElastiGirl when she was excited to go to work, excited to accomplish things in her career, torn when it came time to balancing work and home and then overjoyed to have her kids back in her arms. Granted, her kids had to save her for the villain but I’m confident that mine would do the same thing for me if they had super powers. The Incredibles 2 not only delivered on the laughs and entertainment factor but it delivers on the adult subplots. And if you can still catch it in 4DX – go!

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Do you have a 4DX theater in your area?

•             Regal Union Square Stadium 14 (NYC)

•             Regal’s E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX (NYC)

•             Regal L.A. Live Barco Innovation Center (Los Angeles)

•             Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX (Orlando)

•             Regal Meridian 16 (Seattle)

•             Regal Gallery Place 14 (Washington, D.C.)

•             Marcus Gurnee Mills Cinema (Chicago DMA)

•             CGV Buena Park (Orange County CA)

•             Cinépolis Pico Rivera (Los Angeles area)

•             Cinépolis Vista (San Diego area)


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