3 tips to avoid distracted driving

It’s a habit. I get the kids in the car, get my stuff loaded in and get settled for our drive. Water comes out of my bag, cell phone located and placed in the other cup holder for easy access. Not that I’m expecting any important calls or need to be available for someone to reach immediately. My car is even pretty fancy and connects to my phone automatically so if anyone DOES call….I don’t even need to reach for it. So why do I have to have it there, in the cup holder, for easy access?

Because I think I can multitask. Cramming in one more email at a stop light. Checking to see if my Instagram post has comments so I don’t mess up my post’s place in the almighty algorithm. #bloggerlife It’s part of the digital dependency that I’m trying to break myself of and the very first place I need to do that is in my vehicle.

Distracted Driving

I’m guilty of it. More guilty than I’d like to admit. I’m fortunate though that I’ve never gotten myself or someone else injured.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month so I put together this list of things that I’ve been doing to help break myself of that digital dependency and become a less distracted driver. Let’s face it, my kids are distraction enough.

Distracted Driving

  1.  Hide your cell phone. I’ve been trying to put it in the back with my bag. If I can’t reach it, I won’t be tempted to glance at it while we are in traffic or stopped at a light.
  2. Turn off your smart watch. I love my Apple Watch but it’s just as distracting as my cell phone. I have been trying to remember to set it to do not disturb while I’m driving or better yet, practice my self control and not flip my wrist over to look at it every time it buzzes.
  3. Get setup before you leave. My car is fairly complicated and has lots of menu’s and buttons in the infotainment area. That can be just as distracting when you are driving than sending a text. Get your music cued up, your location loaded into your GPS and your seat warmer going (yes, even in San Diego) before you move your car out of park.

Simple steps can make a huge difference. No text or tweet is worth your life or the life of your precious cargo. #justdrive

For more resources on Distracted Driving Awareness Month, please visit http://www.nsc.org/justdrive


3 thoughts on “3 tips to avoid distracted driving”

  1. This is such an important reminder! I love all of your tips too! I can’t seem to master the hide my phone one though. I don’t text though, because I genuinely can’t figure out how to do it and drive. It is the most awkward thing you have ever seen! Lol!

  2. Hide the phone!!! That’s the biggest distractor of all, at least for me! Thank goodness my car now has bluetooth connection and I can make/receive calls hands free!

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