Checking In – Spring Break

It’s been a while since I did a post on my goals for this year. I promise that even though I let the check in’s slip, I have been actively working on the goals that I set in January. I feel like spring break is kicking my butt and it’s made me realize just how much I value school and nap times to get anything done. My to-do list is growing but I’ve been enjoying time with family at the beach and taking advantage of all the things San Diego has to offer this time of year. We just got home from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the seasonal butterfly exhibit is a must-see!

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Let’s not talk about the Easter candy…and ham…and raspberry rolls…and wine… and all the other indulgences that I had during the Easter holiday. BUT we did have family in town and instead of assuming that we were going to eat out every night, I meal planned for a crowd and it helped me keep my nutrition in line when I felt like I too was on vacation. Tacos, balsamic pork, salsa chicken, and black beans in the crockpot and chicken noodle soup were easy and definite crowd-pleasers.

I’ve been really good with my one-line-a-day journal. Of all the changes that I set out to implement at the beginning of the year, this one has been the easiest to incorporate.


I’m getting more and more excited about my next blog conference coming up at the beginning of May. I’m also excited about a few opportunities that have popped up for me to do some social media consulting. This is a product of me being open to any and all opportunities that may arise out of this venture and what my career may morph into. The possibilities are exciting.


I haven’t kicked this habit, I still spend way too much time on my phone than I should. I realize this though and I’m working on being intentional with my time. It’s a daily struggle. I’m trying to put the phone down and pick my book up more. I did finish The Alice Network (great read) and am now reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It’s been the first time in a very long time that I’ve actually underlined passages and made notes to myself while reading. She was just announced as a keynote speaker at the conference I’m attending in May. I really hope that I get to meet her and thank her for this special book.


Well since I’ve undertaken my laundry room makeover, it seems like there is 1000x’s more clutter around because I’m mid-project. So, once I get this little project done, I’m ready to tackle the garage. It’s become the dumping ground of baby toys that have been outgrown, a makeshift workshop, and an all-around catch-all for junk. It’s time. I’m also feeling the need to do a big spring clean…

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