Vegetable Garden Plan with Free Printable

Planning and planting our vegetable garden is one of my favorite springtime activities. The benefit of living in Southern California is that I can garden all year long but there is something fun about warm weather vegetable gardens. Planning, planting, watching the progress, and eventually enjoying the output. It’s so satisfying.

Our property has a lot of mature plants that we inherited from the previous owners. We have a fig tree, grape vine, pineapple guava, tangelo, lime, avocado, apricot and passion fruit vine. Since we’ve moved in, I’ve planted blueberries, blackberries, rosemary, thyme and sage. Some are doing better than others but that might be a whole different post.

We’ve also installed two raised beds and have a handful of containers.

Phew, it makes me tired just typing that out but this yard was one of the reasons we fell in love with this house. We’ve slowly started to update it, like with this outdoor string light project, and eventually we’ll terrace the slope and redo the raised bed. Maybe even a pool????

I’ll take you through what we are planting this year – we are coastal, zone 10. Hopefully it inspires you to make your own easy vegetable garden.

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The Vegetable Garden

It all starts with good soil. We love to compost and this tumbling compost bin makes it super easy. We will mix this in with a few bags of organic soil from the garden store. I also put down a handful of organic fertilizer in the hole before I place the plant.

vegetable garden compost

These raised beds are the perfect size for small and medium size vegetable gardens. Cute helpers not included.

vegetable garden raised beds

I lay out the plants in the vegetable garden before I put them in the dirt. Using the containers they come in helps make sure I have the right size hole and spacing between the plants.

vegetable garden bell peppers

Putting the vegetable garden in is fun for the whole family. Big Nugget loves to pick out a strawberry plant each year. She is very helpful planting it and watering it. She also calls first dibs on any strawberries it produces.

We are starting some plants from seeds. I’ve never tried this before but hoping we can get some sunflowers and vegetables that weren’t in stock yet at our local garden center. It’s a great activity for the kids too, even the 15 month old could contribute. Really, she just took out the tags so we’ll be guessing what is what when they come in.

vegetable garden seeds

Vegetable Garden Trellis

Using a trellis can expand the growing capacity of a small vegetable garden, these are climbing french green beans and will fill out this 6 foot trellis fairly quickly.

vegetable garden peppers

The employees at our local Armstrong Garden Center are a wealth of information. I told one of the guys that I had a hard time growing any type of squash and I thought it was because I was too coastal. He suggested a trellis and training them to grow up it so that they didn’t get moldy from my wet ground. Excited to try this method out. I put the green onions in the middle because they will survive in partial shade.

vegetable garden trellis

I have a love hate relationship with tomato plants. They start off so promising. I’ve had the best luck with cherry tomatoes in containers and with a cage. I also try not to get the plant itself wet when I water and regular spray’s of Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew.

vegetable garden tomato

Looking for more outdoor inspiration? Check out my 5 tips for a great vegetable garden or our outdoor patio string lights DIY project.

Free Vegetable Garden Printable

Looking to plan your own vegetable garden? Here is a free printable of our layout to help you plan our your warm weather garden.

Vegetable Garden Plan Printable

vegetable garden guide

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