9 Summer Survival Strategies

While waiting for the preschool doors to open at pickup the other day, one of the Mom’s said: “I can’t believe summer is only 9 weeks long.”



Ya’ll, I’m starting to panic.

That seems like an eternity to me. To quell my anxiety, I started to make a list and break it down into manageable segments.

I can do this.

Nine weeks, nine ideas. Here is my summer survival game plan.

Summer Survival Strategy #1

Crafts – It’s hard to find crafts that are age appropriate for both a 15 month old and a 4 year old but my friend Heather at Glitter on a Dime has some amazing ideas. How cute are these DIY bird feeders?

Summer Survival Bird Feeder Craft

Summer Survival Strategy #2

Library – Our city library has various story times for both kids. We also love going to play with the toys and explore the new books.

Summer Survival Strategy #3

Kid Gym – One of my Momma friends turned me onto the magic that is the kid gym. We have a Kidsville near our house. Safe space for both kids to run and play and free wifi so I can get some work done…while keeping Little Nugget from hurting herself on the slide.

Summer Survival Strategy #4

Beach and Park – This is a no-brainer. Living so close to the beach, this is a place where my kids can run, play, explore and be creative. The waves and salt air do wonders for my psyche. It’s all about smart packing, good sunscreen, and embracing the sand. We’ll also be doing a fair share of breakfasts at the playground.

Summer Survival Strategy #5

Amusement Parks – We have season passes to Legoland California and the San Diego Zoo. I have a feeling I’m going to wear these passes out. We take full advantage of these parks during the summer while going during “off” hours to avoid crowds and lines. Or pack your patience and pick and choose what you’ll see that day. I always set the expectations before we even enter the park about how long our stay will be and we prioritize what we want to see that day. These don’t have to be expensive outings either…packing a lunch and staying away from the gift stores can save you hundreds of dollars.

Legoland has a great waterpark that is perfect for hot summer days. The San Diego Zoo Safari park is perfect during the summer in the morning before it gets too hot. There is a few great splash pads and shaded playgrounds for the kids to blow off some steam.

Summer Survival Strategy #6

Open Skate – Big Nugget started to play ice hockey and our local rink has open skate hours where she can go and practice her skills while Little Nugget and I run around and enjoy the cool air. We don’t have A/C at our house so this will a perfect activity for the hot late summer days when the house gets uncomfortable.

Summer Survival Strategy #7

Camps – Day camps can be a fantastic resource and are offered through a variety of places. YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, your church or school are some great places to look. I have Big Nugget signed up for two camps this summer. A Trolls themed dance camp at our studio where they do crafts and learn a routine for a show at the end of the week. Another is a kindness camp through Fox and Trove. This focuses on social emotional learning, I am really excited for this one.

Summer Survival Strategy #8

Travel -One way to pass time during the summer is to escape! This one is a bit extreme but again, it doesn’t have to be expensive. I cashed in our Delta miles and we are heading to Michigan to visit family for a week. Even a staycation in your hometown can be fun and economical!

Summer Survival Strategy #9

Movies – One of our local movie theaters has a theater specifically for kids. They let the kids play for 20 minutes before the movie and have an intermission for playtime and potty breaks. Genius. I think that Little Nugget will be old enough to go this summer. Let me rephrase that, I’m praying that she is old enough to go this summer.


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  1. Thanks so much for including my craft Alice! I love all of your ideas on how to survive the summer. My little one’s last day of preschool was today so I am taking all of this in!

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard of a theater for kids! Too bad it’s too far from where we live. Great list – my kids have come up with their summer bucket list already. Definitely have to schedule indoor playgrounds that double as ‘work time’ for mamas.

    1. I’m excited to try out the theater because I love movies…one of the things I miss about my pre-baby life.

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