Traveling with Kids – 100 Ways to Survive the Trip

We are headed on our annual trip to Michigan in a few weeks and I’m starting to panic about traveling with kids. We are very active around San Diego – we go to the zoo and safari park quite a bit. So I know they are laid back and like adventures but 4am wake up calls and 5 hours flights? Not so much.

I’m not worried about Big Nugget, she’s easy. It’s the little one that I’m worried about. We’re in the stage where she completely understands everything that we are saying to her but she doesn’t have the words to communicate back yet. And oh Lord is she headstrong and loud.

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So far, I’ve hit up the dollar section at Target and got some little activities and sticker books. My plan is to wrap those in gift paper so that at least buys a little time even if they are completely uninterested in the “gift”. I also found this activity kit in the clearance section at Target. Between all of these tips, those activities, our iPad and in-flight entertainment, I’m convinced we will all survive.

Traveling With Kids Round Up

Traveling with kids, either on a plane or in a car, can be a nightmare. Here are the top tips, hacks, activities, packing lists and everything you need to survive getting to the places you want to explore.

Loads of great ideas and activities here – the Post It Notes tip is brilliant.

50 WAYS!

This game is great! Bringing a copy for our trip. It’s a long drive from the airport to my family’s house.

Printable game!

Give me all the lists and packing printables!

Toddler packing list

Family road trip packing list

Packing Printable

Road Trip Help

Do you have a family trip coming up this summer? Comment with some of your best hacks…lord knows I need ALL the help.

Traveling With Kids Tips to Survive

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  1. These are all awesome! I love the idea of wrapping up little gifts. The kids will love that!

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