The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Activities

Halloween is going to be more of a Pandem-O-Ween this year with communities canceling trick or treating and people doing their best to remain socially distant. Sure, our kids can’t trudge around the neighborhood filling up sleeping bags full of candy but they can still have a great time. I rounded up some amazing ideas to Halloween activities that you can do at home to make this year just as special, or just sit back and make yourself a Halloween cocktail. No one will judge, it’s been quite a year.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

I love to sprinkle in crafts and fun during the month or so leading up to any holiday and this time of year not only makes for fun Halloween crafts but also harvest themed and of course The Nightmare Before Christmas themed!

Lately my kids have been obsessed with Oobleck so we’re going to make a batch this weekend using some orange food coloring and maybe some black if I get courageous. It’s not nearly as messy and frankly, annoying, as slime and it keeps them entertained for hours.

Oobleck Recipe: 2 cups corn starch to 1 or 1 1/2 cup of water and a few drops of food coloring. Add the food coloring to the water before you add to the corn starch so that it mixes evenly.

Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween Coloring Bookmarks

Ghost Eraser Stamp Art Project

Halloween Bookmarks

Coffee Filter Bats

Paper Quilling – Halloween Monsters

Jack Skellington Mason Jar

Paper Plate Craft

Halloween Craft Round-Up

Halloween Treats for Kids

My go to treat for this holiday are my Halloween Rice Krispie Treats and my dinner tradition is a big pot of our family chili recipe. I love to use fun cookie cutters to cut out the rice krispie treats. Another family favorite are hot dogs wrapped in Crescent Roll dough and baked. Pop on some candy googly eyes with mustard or ketchup and you have some super easy little mummies. I always want to have a hearty dinner so that they have a bit of a base before all that candy. Almost sounds like my strategy before a night on the town in college…

Now that kids won’t really be going door to door or trunk to trunk for bags of candy – it’s time to make all the desserts and treats.

Festive Treats for Kids

Caramel Popcorn Balls

Monster Cake Pops

10 Halloween Snack Ideas

Disney Inspired Treats

Halloween Sprinkle Cupcakes

Dairy-Free Chili Con Queso

Vampire Ice Cream Floats

Spooky Snacks

Mummy Cakesicles

Halloween Marshmallows

Gluten Free Ghost Cupcakes

Ghost Spice Cupcakes

Halloween Decorations

I am only just now starting to get into Halloween decorations for our house. When my girls were younger they got really freaked out by a lot of they scary stuff so I went with more colorful Dia de los Muertos types of decor or just stuck to my fall and harvest decorations.

My favorite props through are from when I took some regular unfinished small birdhouses and spray painted them black and grey. Simple and can be as spooky as you want!

Decor ideas for inside and out

Haunted House Props

Halloween Candy Cauldron Stand

BOO-tiful Yard Cards

DIY Halloween Hand Soap

Fall Fabric Tassel Garland

Fairy Tale Sweater Pumpkin

Spooky Fairy Garden

15 Halloween Wreath Ideas

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin DIY

Halloween Painted Rock Eyeballs

Costume Ideas

My favorite Halloween story and costume is the year that Big Nugget decided she wanted to be a pine cone. Seriously, so unique and adorable. She won every contest. The next year they did a squirrel and an acorn. Also adorable. I used the pattern for a DIY pumpkin costume to make the acorn costume and ordered the squirrel costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

My kids are still excited to dress up this year, even if they aren’t doing all the things like they did last year. I’ve also given up on my dream of matching costumes and all homemade. We took advantage of the Target sale this weekend and Little will be Elsa and Big is someone from Descendants 3 (I have no idea who HA!)

More Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costumes

Adaptive Halloween Costumes for Special Needs Kids

Pine Cone Halloween Costume

Halloween Activities for Kids

This holiday is always filled with fun activities for kids, from dance class dress up, classroom celebrations, costume parades and parties with friends. It really does seem like Halloween takes up the entire month of October, I’m usually concerned that their costumes won’t make it to the big night!

Last year we went to LEGOLAND California Brick or Treat. This year they are doing a modified version of it so we are excited to go back and take part! SeaWorld in San Diego also announced a modified version of their Halloween weekends.

Here are some other fun ideas for Halloween activities you can do with your kids.

20 Sensory Activities for Halloween

Halloween Slime

Pumpkin Painting Tray

DIY Zombie Eye Bath Bombs

Mickey Pumpkin Craft

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Activity Pages

What to do with candy

We Deserve This Holiday

We’ve all had a rough year and I hope that this first major holiday to close out this year will be fun – not just cause we’ve earned it but because our kiddos deserve it. There are ways to make it fun and still be safe so please remember that no matter what your plans are – wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.

Halloween Activities 2020

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