Front Door Makeover – From Drab to Feng Shui Fab

Our front door was in major need of an update. The paint was starting to chip and I wanted to bring in a more bold pop of color, since it is technically on the side of the house, I felt like I could get away with it. Plus, after seeing our laundry room transformation, it’s no surprise I’m not scared of getting a little crazy here. Our house is a light creamy beige and I wanted the door to still feel beachy and flow with the blues and grays on the inside. I did some research on what feng shui color would be good for the direction our door faces (southwest) and red or orange was the recommendation. At first I was going to go with a red but after doing some Pinterest browsing….I feel in love with the idea of an orange front door.

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Front Door Before

The color of the door was fine, although hard to match with some seasonal decor, but was starting to chip and look worn out.

The handle was only a few years old but already not working correctly so that needed to be replaced.

Choosing the right orange wasn’t easy. I knew I wanted something warmer because of the beige of the house. I narrowed it down to two and painted some swatches on the doors. It is so helpful to take the time for this extra step, you can really see what the color does in the space it’s going to live in, which can be completely different than the tiny swatch in the paint store. Originally, I wanted the color on the right but the color on the left, Behr Japanese Koi, was ultimately what we went with.


Front Door After

The process of painting this door wasn’t easy either and took three times longer than I anticipated BUT, I think it was all worth it.

New light fixture, new door hardware and some new potted plants make all the difference.

Little Nugget Approved.

Before and after front door transformation. This easy DIY paint project instantly changes your curb appeal. This bold orange color is feng shui approved and makes this entrance from old and ugly to bright and modern. Take an outdated exterior door and paint the door and moulding a color scheme that flows with your home, whether that is brick or stucco.

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