• Whole30 shopping list for your must have kitchen essentials to make your challenge easy and tasty. These kitchen gadgets will make creating your homemade dressings, mayo, ranch, sauces and soups seamless. This is a lifestyle change not a diet so make the investment in the best kitchen tools to set yourself up for success. #whole30 #kitchen #musthave #shoppinglist #cleaneating #appliances

    9 Whole30 Gadgets Essential for Success

    Another week done of the Whole30 challenge. I have mixed emotions about it. A lot of the changes that we’ve made have gotten easier. Pulling together a full breakfast, adjusting my coffee to a non-sweetened creamer (don’t get me wrong, I still miss my Ripple Vanilla creamer), not having mac and cheese as an easy side dish. There were parts of this week though that were infinitely harder than the first 7 days. Pizza night this week was torture. I miss having a bowl of popcorn while the girls are napping and I get some work done. I MISS WINE. One thing that helped me get through it was to…

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    Whole30 Week 1 Recap With Meal Plan

    Whole30 week 1 is done  and I’m pretty proud of ourselves. It was hard but it’s worth it so far. If you missed it, you can read why we decided to do the Whole30 Challenge here. This post contains some affiliate links – meaning if you click through the links and buy anything, the retailer will pay me a small commission at no additional cost to you! I never link to anything that I haven’t actually used.  Whole30 Week 1 Recap Prep – I laid our a very detailed plan for this week. I have spread sheets and shopping lists. We went to Costco and our local Sprouts, the fridge…