Couch corner decoration

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My Christmas decorations are a hodgepodge of pieces I’ve had or collected over the years with a few new items mixed in. I love having familiar pieces mixed with a few new elements each year. We kept the decorations somewhat simple this year considering that we have a 10 month old that is now walking and into EVERYTHING.

Trees and mirrored tray are both from Target.

Real life….those stocking were only up for the pictures since Little Nugget can reach and pull them down.

All of these pillows, with the exception of the cream/blue square one, are from Pier 1. I’m obsessed and they are currently 20%!

Usually I incorporation some poinsettia’s in our Christmas decorations but considering how poisonous they are, they have been relegated to the front porch this year.


Every summer when we go back to Michigan to visit my family, we always head to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. It’s a place that I’ve grown up going to and the best Christmas store you’ve ever been to, I swear. There are more ornaments than you can dream of and we order our garland and stockings from there. I try to add a few ornaments each time we go to commemorate where we are at in our life. It’s a fun way to remember the trip. This year I added this ceramic tree to our collection, I think everyone had one of these growing up, if not at your house then at your grandparents.

While you are there, stop into Frankenmuth’s famous Zehnder’s restaurant for chicken dinner and pick up the seasoning, which is my secret ingredient for my family’s chicken soup.

The Tree

Our tree has always been a collection of ornaments that mean something or have a story behind them. It’s something that I always buy when we travel.

Last year I started to trace Big Nugget’s handprints on the tree skirt. I had to get Little Nugget’s hand print in play-doh and then trim that out to trace it. Hopefully next year will be easier but it’s such a fun way to see how they change year over year.

I got the burlap tree skirt from Target.

The puffy ornaments at the bottom of the tree are ones that my mom handmade when I was a baby. I kept all the soft and non-breakable ones towards the bottom so that the baby could explore without causing too much damage.

Play Room Decorations

The girls have their own small tree in the play room this year since we moved the big tree into the family room. Mostly so we could keep a closer eye on the baby around the tree but also so we could enjoy it where we spend most of our time. This tiny tree has all soft ornaments and they have been removed, chewed and put back on the tree countless times already.

Did anyone else grow up with Santa Bears? I have them from every year and love putting them out in the playroom during the holidays.

We put the tree in the family room because that’s where we spend the most time but the playful fun festiviness in the playroom are quickly making it my favorite room to hang out. Plus there is an amazing view out the front windows of our crazy beautiful winter sunsets.

Where is your favorite space this holiday season?

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