5 Garden Tips for Great Vegetables

5 garden tips and tricks for great vegetables for beginner and advanced gardeners. Organic solutions and pest control to common landscaping tricks. Ideas for spring container and raised bed gardens and how to make your soil rich. Do you know when you should water? Click to find out. #garden #vegtables #gardening #DIY #landscape #Raisedbeds #organic

It’s early in the year but it’s safe to say we have a successful garden. We planted our spring vegetable garden a few months ago, you can see the full garden plan here and we’ve already enjoyed spinach, figs, green beans, and zucchini. We have lots of peppers, tomatoes, squash and onions on the way. … Read more

Vegetable Garden Plan with Free Printable

Vegetable Garden Guide

Planning and planting our vegetable garden is one of my favorite springtime activities. The benefit of living in Southern California is that I can garden all year long but there is something fun about warm weather vegetable gardens. Planning, planting, watching the progress, and eventually enjoying the output. It’s so satisfying. Our property has a … Read more