• The only homemade guacamole recipe that you will need. Simple, easy, versatile and kid friendly. This authentic Mexican recipe makes a great dip, appetizer, condiment or side dish for any dinner, potluck or party. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July or summer BBQ. Easy storing instructions and tips on how to shop for avocados. #recipe #guacamole #entertaining #avocado #appetizer

    The Only Guacamole Recipe You Need

    This post contains some affiliate links – meaning if you click through and purchase, I receive a small commission from the retailer at no additional cost to you. I would never link to anything I don’t actually use.  I have a giant love affair with avocados so it’s only natural that I have an easy, go-to recipe for guacamole. Having lived in Arizona and Southern California for 20 years, I’ve had my fair share of really great guacamole, and it’s surprisingly so simple to make if you have fresh ingredients. Guacamole Secret The secret to great guacamole is in the avocados and it all starts at your grocery store. There…

  • Apple stuffing Thanksgiving side dish

    Apple Stuffing

    Thanksgiving was always a BIG holiday in our family. Our house was filled with family, good food and even better stories. There was always a pot of chicken soup on the stove (get that recipe here) and plenty of my family’s signature stuffing. A Thanksgiving Tradition My Dad was very involved in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade and would go downtown in the middle of the night to help get the parade set up. He was always in it, along with a host of cousins, carrying giant balloons or dressed as clowns. As I got older I got to go with him and even ride on a float. We would…