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4th of July Dessert

Easy and Patriotic 4th of July Dessert.

Course Dessert
Keyword 4th of July, angel food cake, fruit, jello, No bake


  • 1 Angel Food Cake
  • 1 package Strawberry Jello
  • 1 container Strawberries
  • 1 container blueberries
  • 2 cups whipped cream


  1. Remove cake from container and cut in half horizontally. Replace bottom half in the container and poke holes with a fork or knife (or cut cake into pieces).

  2. Prepare Jello according to package instructions. While Jello is liquid, layer berries on top of the cake and slowly pour over half the Jello. 

  3. Replace the top of the cake and poke some holes into it. Slowly pour the remaining Jello on top of the cake. Replace the lid and put in the fridge to set. 

  4. Layer cake/jello/berries in a trifle bowl with whipped cream. Top with berries. Keep cold until ready to serve.