Checking In – Superbowl Edition

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It’s February. Finally. Anyone else think that January always feels like the longest month ever? And I still feel like I didn’t have enough time to get everything done but that’s the beauty of keeping lists and tracking your goals. I’m looking back now and realizing that I got a LOT done. Plus we had a big celebration for Little Nugget’s first birthday. Did you see the post with the pictures? It’s here if you missed it. We also did this really fun and adorable teacher appreciation craft. Big Nugget’s teachers LOVED them and we had such a good time putting them together.


I’m grouping these together this time around because I really feel like they are all so closely related. I’ve been feeling a little off lately, just not my positive, happy self and keeping my workout routine and daily journal has been super helpful. It also helps to have a great husband and friends that I can talk to about things. When you are the type of person who doesn’t usually let things bother them or get in slumps, it’s hard to open up to other people about what’s bothering you. And it’s especially hard when you don’t really know why or what is causing it, just that it’s there. Getting my time in at The Fit Mill has really helped release those nice endorphins and made me feel strong in my body so I know that I am strong in my mind.

I’m also struggling keeping track of my calories, some days I know I’m not eating enough and some days I’ve probably gone over board. Not by a lot but maybe by a glass of wine. I just wish that there was a nutrition app that let me easily track “crust off grilled cheese” or one serving – minus what the little hands took off my plate. I am staying away from temptation but giving in now and again. Life is about balance and I don’t want to feel too deprived because then a healthy lifestyle isn’t enjoyable and therefore not sustainable.


Next week I’m going to my first blogger conference and I haven’t been this nervous about something since I moved from Michigan to Minnesota in the 6th grade and started a new school. I bought new clothes and have fancy new business cards and keep reminding myself that nothing could be as scary as 6th grade.

I did splurge and get my first pair of Madewell jeans after everyone has raved about them. I’m having a really hard time finding jeans that fit my post baby body and hope that I’ve met my jean-soul mate. We shall see. Since I splurged so much on the jeans, I just went to my old standby of Target and got a couple blouses (this one and this one except in a floral pattern that isn’t online yet) that I could wear with said jeans. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that I plan to wear the same pants both days. HA! I’m assuming that since I’ll be kid free that I can actually pull that off. Once again…we shall see.


I’ve turned off most notifications to my Apple Watch and I feel like that has helped me ignore my phone when I want to ignore my phone. Baby steps. This one is harder than not eating carbs.


I’m happy with where the shoe closet ended up. I purged a lot of the coats from in there and cleaned out under all the shoes. I would still like to get a better way to organize the adult shoes but that’s not what was really bothering me about that space. Now that I got it cleaned, it’s become the home of our new home brewery. Faggi Ale coming soon.

February’s space is going to be the buffet in our dining room. It’s another catch all spot that needs to be better utilized.

Now, time to enjoy the Super Bowl. We’re staying home and making some baked wings and pretzel bites. Big Nugget is really looking forward to her idol Pink perform the National Anthem. I’m a huge football/sports fan but just can’t get behind either of these teams (sorry friends) so being the marketing nerd that I am, I’m really looking forward to the commercials. And JT. Always, JT.

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