Skin Care Tips for Every Budget and Skin Type

Skin Care Tips for Every Budget and Skin Type

I shared a post on my Instagram the other day about my love-hate journey with my hair. I posted a selfie and got a lot of messages asking what I use on my skin. Skin care tips have never been my thing, mostly cause I am just way too lazy to be a beauty or fashion person and partially cause I think that my skin is mostly good genes but I am ALWAY happy to share what products I love.

I also find it so ironic that people would complement my skin. There was a time in middle school and even some of high school that I was ridiculed for my acne. Funny how those moments can stay with you even after so many years. I tried every skin care tip under the sun to make my zits go away and eventually they did but that mentality never left me.

Between beach living, having babies and being over 40, my skin has transitioned from an oily nightmare to so very dry. My skin is also sensitive to certain products and starting a very slow gradual loss of it’s elasticity. I’m constantly on the hunt for the best hydrating products and have taken the advice of esthetitians that I’ve seen to heart to keep my skin healthy – hydrate and exfoliate.

Number 1 Skin Care Tip

Now, if I were a good blogger, I’d put this at the bottom of all my skin care tips so you have to read all the way down but I’m so passionate about this I want to put this right here at the top. YES, products are fun and they play a huge role in having healthy skin. So do genes. But what I’ve found to be most important in achieving that radiant glow – nutrition. Just like your muscles or your heart or your brain, your skin is an organ that needs to be nourished. I’m a HUGE fan of Whole30 but just eliminating processed foods from our diets and eating more organic items when we can afford it has made a HUGE difference. I try to drink a lot of water and I also am a fan of a scoop of Vital Proteins in my coffee in the morning. So, feed your face!

My favorite skin care tips and products are (no surprise) mostly all on Amazon. I also buy some of the organic products at my local Sprouts. Some of these links are affiliate links which means that if you buy them, I’ll get a small commission for giving them traffic. None of this post is sponsored, these are all products that I found on my own and use almost every day.

Morning Skin Care Tips

My morning routine usually consists of an early morning class at my gym and then a quick shower before work. With two small girls, I have limited time to get it all pulled together, people fed and myself out the door.

E-Raorganics Facial Exfoliant – I like to use this a few times a week in the shower.

Image Daily Moisturizer – This is a product that I never really stray from. I’ve been using it for 4 years and it just feels so good on my face plus the SPF is a great bonus!

Acure Brightening Oil – This facial oil is somewhat new to my routine. So far, I’m really happy with it. It smells great and makes my skin feel really soft and moisturized, plus it’s super affordable. I like to switch up my syrums that I use though cause you skin needs will change seasonally.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream – Are you on the cc cream bandwagon? This product is a dream for my skin. It’s light but provides full enough coverage that my skin appears even toned. Goes on super easy and doesn’t feel cakey on your skin. Not everyone is a fan though so I highly suggest heading into an Ulta store and trying a sample of it first.

Nighttime Skin Care Tips

I wish I could say that I was really diligent about removing my makeup each night but that would be a total and complete lie. BUT, when I do, these are my go to’s!

Burt’s Bees Wipes – My skin can be really sensitive, especially to make up removing wipes. One day, out of desperation, I grabbed some of Little Nugget’s butt wipes and took my make up off. No stinging in the eyes for me and it got *most* of it off. Another plus side to using these…they are cheap and readily available in this house. #allthediapers

Witch Hazel – This is a great and affordable toner for your skin. I was using an apple cider vinegar toner for awhile but it was throwing off the ph balance of my skin and making it extra dry. Once I replaced that with witch hazel, it’s been smooth sailing ever since. It also is a great second swipe at getting off all of your makeup.

Derma e Syrum Vitamin C – I love the Derma E products and this vitamin C serum is a new addition to my routine. I also love this one for a super hydrating feel you can use both in the morning and at night.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream – I have no words for this cream, it’s just magic in a bottle.

Favorite Skin Care Splurges

If money (and time) wasn’t an issue, I think I’d be a day spa junkie. I LOVE to go get facials and even do my own masks at home. It’s indulgent but my skin feels so amazing afterward. When I do make the time, here are some of my favorites.

Alexis K – Now, this is definately a splurge but if you are in San Diego and looking for an amazing experience, get yourself to Alexis K in Solana Beach. Their facility is gorgeous and their service is above and beyond. I’ve been twice, once to get my eyebrows done and another to have a facial with dermaplaning done. I loved how my skin looked after my dermaplaning here – soft and smooth and so hydrated. Their brow powder is my go to and their products are all great. I really loved the Zabana facial scrub.

The rest of these are fun masks that I use when I find some free time or the girls are taking an extra long tub and I can squeeze one in.

I put an entire list in my Amazon Store – just it out for a one stop shop for all my favorite skin care products.

Have any favorite products you like? Share them with me! I love finding new stuff to try.

Skin Care tips for Mom’s regardless of  time or budget. Affordable and natural products for anti aging and over 40 skin. Skincare favorites for your face and neck and perfect for dry skin.

9 Rainy Day Activities to Maintain Your Sanity

9 Rainy Day Activities to Maintain Your Sanity

We have had rainy day after rainy day this year in San Diego. It feels great at first, we know that we’ve been suffering a drought for years, but it’s starting to feel like Seattle. It has been the wettest winter I’ve ever had in my nearly 12 years living in Southern California.

San Diego is made for an outdoor lifestyle. We have gorgeous zoos and incredible beaches. Our endless summers soil us. When the clouds roll in the sky’s open up – we don’t know what to do with ourselves on a rainy day – much less consectutive rainy days.

This post contains some affiliate links – meaning if you click through the links and buy anything, the retailer will pay me a small commission at no additional cost to you! 

My girls have been loving the change in weather. We aren’t used to this. Rain boots are novelty items that get pulled out a few days a year. Umbrellas are used more to keep the sun away than raindrops. The rainy day novelty has worn off though and we’ve found ourselves desperate for ways to keep occupied in a city that isn’t built for rainy weather.

Things to do on a rainy day. Fun activities for kids of all ages from crafts to art to outings that can turn their gloomy day to awesome.

Here are 9 great rainy day activities

  1. Activity Books – these books are great for all ages. They have a variety of activities that occupy the kids from coloring to stickers to alphabet worksheets. Big Nugget loves all things unicorn so she loves this one and while Little Nugget is happy with a blank notebook, she also loves these coloring books.
  2. Cloud Dough – my girls love a good sensory bin and this cloud dough recipe is simple and will keep the girls occupied for a while. It’s a great way to use up any leftover food coloring and not nearly as messy as slime.
  3. Invitation to Play – I’ve really never heard of these until I started to follow other bloggers. The concept is amazing, you set out an assortment of things to play with or craft with around a theme or interest that your child has and let them have at it. This is a great example of it and uses the cloud dough from above.
  4. Movies – Yes, this is a rather obvious rainy day activity but you can switch it up and go see something in 3D or even better, something in 4D. You can read (and watch) our review of a 4DX movie here.
  5. Process Art – much like invitations to play, process art was also a new term to me. My friend Ashley just launched an Instagram page, Little Makers and Bakers, with so many adorable and fun ideas for kiddos. And as a busy mom of three girls, this former teacher has you covered with ideas. Give her a follow for some great rainy day activities.
  6. Nail Salon – my girls love when we do our nails together and it will chew up a little part of the day. I love Piggy Paint for the girls, it’s non-toxic and doesn’t smell. If I want to get real fancy, I’ll do my own nails with Color Street and then use the scraps for Big Nugget’s nails. They don’t need time to dry so I don’t have to worry about it smearing. They don’t seem to last as long on her as they do on me but then again, no paint stays on their nails.
  7. Make Jewelry – These bead and button pipe cleaner bracelets are so cute and so easy, you probably already have the supplies on hand. Glitter on a Dime has so many great ideas for crafty activities, her site is a treasure trove of creative fun.
  8. Rainy Day Roundupthis is a great list of ideas that you can do with kids of all ages. Even some ideas if your rain is of the frozen snow variety…
  9. Post-It Note Matching – Our wonderful nanny put this activity together for the girls one day – all you need is some paper, a marker, and post-it notes. She put their names and either some shapes or some numbers on the paper, matched each with a Post-It, and then let them match it all up. So creative and so easy.
Things to do on a rainy day. Fun activities for kids of all ages from crafts to art to outings that can turn their gloomy day to awesome. #activities #crafts #rainyday