How to Root a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

How to Root a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I’ve always loved the look of a fiddle leaf fig tree so when it was time to redo our dining room (you can see the transformation here) I knew I wanted one in that room. This room is fiddle leaf fig magic – the perfect amount of sunlight for it to take off. Soon, my tree started to get a little out of control. I had heard about being able to propagate a fiddle leaf fig tree and thought my over grown tree was a perfect candidate. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care Tips.jpg

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Trimming a Fiddle Leaf Fig

The first thing I did was fill up a couple large vases with tap water and let them sit over night. This allows the water to chlorine to evaporate. Don’t have that kind of patience? Use distilled water to fill up your vases and make sure to use a vase that can support your cutting so that it is upright.

I chose to trim the tallest stalk of my fiddle leaf fig tree with healthy leaves. It was the biggest and causing the tree to lean the most. I cut enough of the tree off so that it would be able to stand straight again and gave me enough of a stalk to put into the water, about 3 inches under the last leaf. Leave two or three stems on your cutting so that it has enough leaves to generate the energy it needs. Too many leaves left on the stem and it will take more energy than it can generate to grow roots. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care cutting water

Some people recommend using a rooting hormone like this one but I didn’t have one on hand and rooted mine without it. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care Roots in Water

Place the fiddle leaf fig cutting in the water in a bright spot without much direct sunlight. My fiddle leaf fig gets a little bit of direct morning sun and seems to like it. I placed my cuttings in the same room.

Periodically check the water. Make sure there is enough in the vase and that it’s clear, not cloudy. It took my cuttings about a month to sprout enough of a root system that I could place them in soil. Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips Roots

Plant your baby fiddle leaf fig trees in soil. Place them in a sunny spot and keep the water moist for the first month or so. It took a LONG time for my cutting to sprout any sort of growth. Of the two that I planted, the one with two leaves is the one that sprouted new growth. Don’t give up on them, even if the leaves start to brown and get ugly. Give it time, water and sunshine and you will be enjoying a new baby fiddle leaf fig tree in no time. It’s really easy, just not fast. Fiddle Leaf Fig Planted

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips

Plant your fiddle leaf fig in a container that has really good drainage in the bottom of it. Some people don’t repot their tree once they bring it home but I’ve always put mine in a container that is just a little bit bigger than what it comes in. If you don’t repot, you can line a basket like this one with a trash bag and place the fiddle leaf fig directly in it. Did I mention good drainage? That’s critical and helps avoid root rot.

Water once a month but when you do, soak it through thoroughly. Not giving it a good soak will cause the leaves to brown on the edges, especially if you live near salt water like we do.

Don’t move it. These plants prefer to be left alone in their indirectly sunny spot.

Keep your plant dusted and I wipe mine down occasionally with milk. Sounds super strange right? But, they love to be dusted and the protein in the milk helps them. Plus it makes them so pretty and shiny.

Use a good fertilizer like this one. Do you have a fiddle leaf fig tree? Any secrets to keeping yours happy? Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


Daily Affirmations From One of My Favorite People

Daily Affirmations From One of My Favorite People

I’m a huge believer in a daily affirmations. I believe that manifestation is real and that you can use daily affirmations to help make what you want in your life materialize. I know that sounds cheesy but not only have I seen it work in my life, but in others as well. Plus, there is plenty of science to back up the power of positive thinking (affiliate link).

Daily Affirmations Role Model

I can remember when my husband and I first started dating, he invited me to go to dinner at his grandparents. I was so nervous and yet so excited. It made everything in our new relationship feel so official. I hadn’t even met his parents yet but his grandparents lived just down the street from him. So when word got out that Matt was dating someone new, it was easy to meet them first. I can remember so many details from that day – which is surprising considering my horrible memory for…well…anything.

His grandparents were warm and welcoming, interesting and sincere. Over the years, I grew fond of them in their own ways. Grandpa, who was notoriously protective of his personal space, would always give me a hug hello and goodbye and called me Sweet Sweet Alice.

His Grandma was named Rosemary but all the grandkids called her Rary. She was jovial and inquisitive. She had great stories and even better questions. After we got engaged, she wanted to know every detail of our wedding plans and was so excited to find out she was having ANOTHER great grand-daughter.


She had a special bond with Big Nugget. They both lit up when they saw each other, like they had known each other for lifetimes. It’s truly something I’ll never forget. Big Nugget is an old soul, even as a baby, which really connected with Rary.

Rary was an avid reader and so curious about other cultures and religions, even though I wouldn’t necessarily say she was religious. She surrounded herself with things that interested her and would always write or clip out pictures or quotes of people that resonated with her.

I loved looking through her desk area in their kitchen each time we came over for dinner. They were taped up on the desk nook walls, hung with magnets on the fridge and used as bookmarks. Little quotes or pictures of people she admired and respected. There was always one that would catch my eye and resonate with me. Or a new picture of someone unexpected that would spark a conversation with her about what she found interesting about them.

Even in her 80’s and with all of her health issues, she was always interested in learning and growing.

Rary’s Words

After Rary passed, my mother-in-law gave me a stash of her handwritten daily affirmations. They are something I’ve treasured but kept tucked away. I would pull one out every now and then when I felt like I was needing some inspiration or a push. However, they’ve been on my mind more and more lately. Probably knowing that I’m going through a transition in my life and career and need the guidance that is tucked away in that ziplock bag.

I pulled them out to really go through them all and they are a treasure trove of goodies. Over 500 of them!

Daily affirmations passed down from my husband's Grandmother. She was a big believe in the law of attraction and made them a part of her mornings. A treasure of inspiration for women looking for success or positive manifestation into their life. People use motivational quotes for self esteem, anxiety, for kids, for weight loss, for money or to grow closer to God. And they are for everyone, even for men. #motivational #inspiration #formoms #dailyaffirmations

They are just too good for me not to share. So I’ve decided to post them daily on my Facebook page and in my Instagram stories. (Make sure your are following me on both – @Nuggetlands) I haven’t edited any of them, I’m basically putting my hand in the bag and pulling one out each day and if I can read her handwriting, then it’s going to get shared.

I had this idea to share them and made a handful of the graphics a few months ago. For a few different reasons, it’s been sitting in my drafts folder. When I went to the files to pull the first daily affirmation for this project, I knew it was the right time.

Daily affirmations passed down from my husband's Grandmother. She was a big believe in the law of attraction and made them a part of her mornings. A treasure of inspiration for women looking for success or positive manifestation into their life. People use motivational quotes for self esteem, anxiety, for kids, for weight loss, for money or to grow closer to God. And they are for everyone, even for men. #motivational #inspiration #formoms #dailyaffirmations

Hopefully these daily affirmations will find you when you need it most, just like they continue to find me.

Daily affirmations passed down from my husband's Grandmother. She was a big believe in the law of attraction and made them a part of her mornings. A treasure of inspiration for women looking for success or positive manifestation into their life. People use motivational quotes for self esteem, anxiety, for kids, for weight loss, for money or to grow closer to God. And they are for everyone, even for men. #motivational #inspiration #formoms #dailyaffirmations

A Teachable Moment in my Morning Routine

A Teachable Moment in my Morning Routine

I was getting ready today and took the time to put some makeup on. The girls love watching and wanted me to do their makeup. I take a brush and gently swipe their faces with it and brush their eyebrows. Big Nugget soaks it all up, you can see her demeanor change, and told me that she felt pretty with her makeup on. I saw this opportunity so clearly as a teachable moment. 

Thinking of Kristen Bell talking with Brene Brown about how she made sure she spoke positively about herself and her body in front of her daughters. (Watch them talk about this teachable moment here, it’s so good) I knew this was a great opportunity to do the same thing. I told her that I think I look beautiful without makeup but sometimes it’s fun to put it on. She repeated what I said almost immediately and said “I feel beautiful without makeup too” and the heavens parted and the sun shined down on my head while the angels sung.

I realized…if that kind of statement sinks in so easily, something so positive, so affirming…so are the negative things I say like “stop crying”.

And yesterday was a perfect example of that. It was rough. Wednesday’s are always a little rough cause it’s so busy but yesterday was exceptionally rough. Surprisingly, the Nugget that had a rough day wasn’t the toddler, it was the preschooler.

Everything was met with tears. Everything. She was super emotional. I got increasingly frustrated as the day went on. 

I found myself saying “stop crying”. And when I heard myself say that I felt horrible. Why should she stop crying? Cause it’s not how I would handle the situation? She’s 4. She has big emotions and I often forget that she doesn’t quite have all the tools to handle them. Most days she does, but some times these days remind me that she’s still learning and she’s looking to me (and her Dad) to guide her.

What I did was come away from the day was wanting to make sure that she felt heard, she felt empathy from me and that she walked away with some confidence. That it’s ok to cry and feel big emotions, but there might be better ways to handle it in the moment. 

Have you heard that saying – If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. It usually is meant for children to see themselves in professions and leadership positions but it also applies to emotional health and situational awareness. Just like I did with the makeup, I needed to flip my approach in this teachable moment and help her see them differently.

I swapped out “stop crying” with something along the lines of “I know you’re upset but can you take some deep breaths to calm down and let’s figure out a better way to deal with this”. It started to work by the end of the day and even worked again this morning when a power struggle with her little sister led to tears.

I continually have to remind myself that these Nuggets where not born perfect. As Brene Brown says, they are wired for struggle, that it’s my role as their Mama to help them through navigating their own strengths, dealing with what life (or your sister) throws at you, just like I’m doing for myself.

I’m sure I’ll catch myself frustrated in those moments and tell one of them to “stop crying” but I’m hoping that I can step back fast enough and see a teachable moment as an opportunity to help them grow into healthy, confident girls, just as much as I would any other.


How I found a teachable moment for my toddler and preschool girls in an every day part of my morning routine. What we say matters and they hear it all. How I'm trying to be the adult I want them to become. #parenting #momlife #emotions #crying #toddler #preschool

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