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    Cookbook Review – The Whole Smiths Good Food

    I have a bit of a cookbook addition. So when my girlfriends were raving about The Whole Smiths Good Food cookbook, I had high expectations. I spent a week cooking lots of different recipes from it, I wanted to be sure that I could give my authentic opinion on it based on all the content, not just the pretty pictures. I related to a lot of things in this book. I feel like the author Michelle and I could be best friends (except for the Dave Matthews thing). We share the same food philosophies and I love her approach to social media. Girl keeps it real but still produces great…

  • Tips on how to make cash back while you shop. Last Christmas, I made over $250 using Ebates websites, read my full review and how to use their free service to save money shopping. #shopping #money #frugal #christmas #blackfriday #coupons #cashback

    Cash Back Christmas – How I Make Money Shopping

    Last year I MADE money while doing my Christmas shopping. How is that possible? Ebates. Have you heard of it? It’s a website that gives you a percentage of cash back on your purchase at select retailers. The selection of retailers changes, the percentage of money back changes but if you are smart about it, you can really make a good amount of cash back on your purchases. And not just at Christmas time, I use the plugin every time I shop. This post contains some affiliate links – meaning if you click through the links and buy anything, the retailer will pay me a small commission at no additional…

  • Tips on how to paint a front door even with a sidelight or windows. Ideas to make this DIY project easier, especially if you have kids or dogs. Painting a wood door with a bold color will transform your entrance. #DIY #frontdoor #homeimprovement #paint

    How to paint a front door

    If you are a design junkie like me, then you see people paint a front door all the time and poof, the space is transformed. They make it all look so easy. It’s not, especially when you have two young kids and two dogs, but I did it and want to share what I learned. I love doing DIY projects around the house. I love to improve my home. I love to transform spaces. I’m not afraid to make mistakes and get a little dirty. But let me tell you what I don’t love….not being able to devote the time and attention it takes to get a job done well…

  • 3 questions to add to your kids bedtime routine that will teach vulnerability, and self awareness. Perfect for preschoolers or even teens yet simple enough for toddlers. They are even a great reminder for adults. #parenting #toddler #kids #bedtime #routine #vulnerability #positiveparenting

    3 Questions That Are Essential to our Bedtime Routine

    I’ve had the same bedtime routine with our oldest since she was old enough to talk. Tub, brush teeth, read a book, sing a song and “talk about my day”. Sure we switch up what books we read, she’s really into our back to school book list right now, and what songs we sing but one thing that doesn’t change are the 3 questions that I ask her before she goes to sleep. It’s how we talk about our day. It started when I was working full time, as a way for her and I to connect after being apart all day. It was a chance for us to share parts…

  • DIY halloween costumes that are unique for kids, for siblings and for girls. Fun and unique costumes that are easy DIY projects for your little trick or treater. Funny, clever and scary - even last minute ideas - there is something for everyone on this list. Click to see the round up. #halloween #costumes #diy #lastminute #easy #homemade

    Unique DIY Halloween Costumes

    Remember the days when our DIY Halloween costumes consisted of something super cheap from the thrift store and we just said we were random characters from a 70’s tv show? Now as a parent, things are a bit different. There is so much pressure to figure out what costume everyone is going to wear. When Big Nugget was a baby, I wasn’t into Halloween, much less making a DIY Halloween costume. It was just too much effort for an hour (or less). Now that the kids are older, it feels way more festive. There is the costume day at dance class, Halloween party at preschool and then the actual holiday…

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    The Backyard at The Nat – Perfect Exhibit for Young Explorers

    We had an opportunity to go downtown San Diego to Balboa Park and visit the Natural History Museum. They invited us down to check out The Backyard, a brand new space specifically designed for kids up to 5 years old. Perfect for my Nuggets. Last year, I took the girls down to The Nat to see the special dinosaur exhibit they had. Big Nugget has always loved dinosaurs. We didn’t get much time in the rest of the museum that visit because Little Nugget was only a couple months old and had an EPIC meltdown at the end of the dinosaur exhibit…so we made a quick exit. The Backyard @…