• Implementing this positive parenting strategy can change your relationship with your toddler, preschooler or even teen. The reward jar technique is a positive reinforcement solution that teaches consequences without timeouts. Read more parenting tips and resources at Nuggetlands. #parenting #positiveparenting #toddlers #preschool #tips #discipline #momlife

    Positive Parenting Reward Jar

    Positive parenting has always resonated with me (and my husband) and we’ve tried to incorporate it’s principles in raising our girls. I wrote about how we’ve used some of the techniques in regards to discipline here and while it’s been effective, we still needed some new tools. A couple months ago we were really struggling with bedtime and just some overall behavior with Big Nugget. She was testing boundaries and rules and we were at a loss as to what to do. Nothing in our parenting arsenal seemed to be working and I found myself raising my voice more and keeping my patience less. I was sick of threatening to take…

  • Easy, layered, no bake pistachio dessert that is both sweet and salty with a whipped topping. Perfect for Easter Bruch, Mother's Day Brunch, St Patrick's day or just a summer BBQ. Can be made nut-free! #dessert #pistachio #nobake #allergyfriendly #recipe

    Pistachio Delight an Easy No-Bake Dessert

    Pistachio Delight dessert was a childhood favorite in our house and it’s the one dessert that my friends will request that I bring to parties. It’s a pistachio dessert with a Ritz cracker crust. It’s so simple, no-bake and so very good. I still get texts from old friends asking me for my mom’s recipe. Just like my chili and chicken soup, this dessert is super nostalgic for me, it’s a great treat to bring for an Easter or Mother’s Day brunch, a festive St. Patty’s Day dinner or just a summer BBQ. This post contains some affiliate links – meaning if you click through the links and buy anything, the…

  • Breastfeeding and pumping tips and gift guide for the pregnant mom. Read my top advice on weight loss, nutrition, self care and bottle feeding coming from an experienced nursing mom with an over supply. #breastfeeding #pregnant  #bottle #giftguide #musthave #pregnancy #babyshower #babyregistry #advice #howto

    3 Tips for Breastfeeding Success PLUS Must Haves for Every Nursing Mom

    I knew when I got pregnant with my oldest that I wanted to breastfeed. Naively, I thought it would be SO easy. Pop the kid on the boob and things just take care of itself. It’s definitely one of those pre-mom moments where I look back at myself and shake my head and just say “Bless Her Heart”.  Fast forward four years and I’ve nursed both my girls to the one year mark and am still going with the youngest. Now, when a new mom asks me for advice on how they can be successful with breastfeeding or what worked for me, these are the 3 things I tell them.…

  • Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf pan" width="3024" height="4032" data-pin-description="Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food. Made with either ground turkey or beef, and of course breadcrumbs, this meat loaf is a low carb option that the whole family will enjoy. #recipe #meatloaf #lowcarb #kidfriendly

    Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf

    Cheesy stuffed meatloaf is one of my family’s favorite dinners. Growing up, our comfort foods where soup and chili but meatloaf was always a good comforting meal. I know I’ve stumbled on something good when even my Mom calls me to make sure she’s making my recipe right. I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to meatloaf and I usually serve it with mashed potatoes. Since I’m trying to watch my carb intake, I’ve made this with mashed cauliflower and it’s just as good. Seriously, you wouldn’t even know it’s not mashed potatoes. Or, if there are any leftovers, I just go for a super low carb snack…

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    Checking In – Superbowl Edition

    This post contains some affiliate links.  It’s February. Finally. Anyone else think that January always feels like the longest month ever? And I still feel like I didn’t have enough time to get everything done but that’s the beauty of keeping lists and tracking your goals. I’m looking back now and realizing that I got a LOT done. Plus we had a big celebration for Little Nugget’s first birthday. Did you see the post with the pictures? It’s here if you missed it. We also did this really fun and adorable teacher appreciation craft. Big Nugget’s teachers LOVED them and we had such a good time putting them together. Health/Reflection/Diet…