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December 2017


Goal Setting as a SAHM

Goal Setting

This post contains some affiliate links. When I was in the corporate world, we would do goal setting sessions for each year. Company, department and personal goals were laid out and had KPI’s (key performance indicators) attached to them. I…


Holiday Craft Brunch

I hosted a fun crafty brunch to kick off the holiday season but if you are looking for a last minute gift, these handprint crafts are perfect.


How to NOT raise a bully

Have you seen the viral video of Keaton Jones? He is a boy in Tennessee who was being bullied and his mom recorded him sharing his pain and pleading with the bully kids to stop. It’s absolutely heart wrenching. It’s…


Kid Friendly Christmas Decorations

Couch corner decoration

A couple of the product links below are affiliate links. My Christmas decorations are a hodgepodge of pieces I’ve had or collected over the years with a few new items mixed in. I love having familiar pieces mixed with a…


The Kindness Elves

EDIT: I love our Elves so much that I’ve become an affiliate and the links in this post have been updated to my affiliate links.  The Kindness Elves are coming back to our house for a visit and I’ll be…